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Lovera Adjustable Roofing System

About Lovera

Lovera is an retractable louvre style aluminum roofing system. Its fully adjustable louvre panels can open

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and close up to 90° angle. Due to its light construction, Lovera easily installs to most areas. It is also highly durable and maintenance free. Wide Applications:

  • Patio
  • Terrace
  • Swimming pool
  • Deck/ Courtyard
  • Balcony
  • Garden
Technical specification Color optionsTry Lovera
Leaf / Blade

Material: Aluminum Sheet Thickness: 0.7 mm Width / Length: 300 mm / 5500 mm (Standard) Alloy: 3003 Temper: H. 18 Tensile Strength: Min. 18.8 Kg / mm2 (185 Mpa) Surface Finishing: Powder Coating 65 – 75 microns (6 colors)

Aluminum Movement Unit

Material: Aluminum Extrusion Thickness: 2 mm Width: 25 mm Alloy: B.6063 Temper: T.5 Tensile Strength: 150 Mpa Surface Finishing: Clear Anodized Melting Range: 600 – 650 ° C

Beam & Support

Material: Aluminum Extrusion Thickness: 1.4 mm Width / Length: 40 mm / 5500 mm (Standard) Size: 75 mm ; 100 mm ; 125 mm Alloy: B.6063 Temper: T.5 Tensile Strength: 150 Mpa Surface Finishing: Clear Anodized Melting Range: 600 – 650 ° C

Hexa Column

Material: Aluminum Extrusion Thickness: 1.4 mm Width / Length: 100 mm / 5500 mm (Standard) Size: 100 mm Alloy: B.6063 Temper: T.5 Tensile Strength: 150 Mpa Surface Finishing: Clear Anodized Melting Range: 600 – 650 ° C




















Try lovera system by clicking the handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What material is Lovera made of?

Every part of Lovera is made from aluminum.

  • What are the advantages of using aluminum?

Aluminum is favored for its natural properties such as durability, rust resistance, lightweight-ness and non-flammability. Aluminum makes Lovera a lightweight and fire resistant product, yet highly durable and maintenance free.

  • Is Lovera completely rust resistant?

Yes. Each individual louvre is powder coated several times to prevent oxidation and color fading.

  • Does Lovera need special maintenance?

No. Simply spray Lovera with water periodically to remove the dust collected over time.

  • Does Lovera need lubrication?

No. All moving parts need not be lubricated, making Lovera virtually maintenance free.

  • How does Lovera open and close?

Lovera can be opened up to 90 degrees. Click Here To See The Demo

  • Can Lovera function as a conventional roof?

No. Lovera’s intended purpose is to cover non-enclosed areas such as patio, terrace, deck, courtyard, balcony, garden/nursery or swimming pool. And of course, we always welcome new ideas for Lovera’s application.

  • Is Lovera waterproof?

Yes. When Lovera is completely closed, it is completely waterproof.

  • Does Lovera provide protection against rain or sun?

Installed properly, Lovera will function as a shade from sunlight and shelter from rain. Due to the non-enclosed structure, some area underneath Lovera will be exposed to rain, even when the louvres are in a completely closed position.

  • If it is sunny and Lovera is completely closed, does it get hot underneath?

No, because the heat is naturally absorbed by Lovera’s aluminum material.

  • Can Lovera be stepped upon?

No. Stepping on Lovera will damage the louvres.

Yes. We will make sure that Lovera is properly installed relative to the environment of the property, incorporating various factors such as wind and sun direction.

  • Is Lovera available in different colors?

Yes. Please click here to see the colors available.

  • How much does Lovera cost?

Lovera is probably much more affordable than you think. Contact us to request pricing information.